Aberdeen Proving Ground’s 100th Anniversary

Celebrating 100 Years of World-Changing Technology at Aberdeen Proving Ground

Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) is the Army’s oldest active proving Ground, dating back to World War I. Now considered a “megabase,” APG serves as the Army’s technology center for research, development, testing, and evaluation of Army materiel. In 2017, organizations on and off post celebrated the extraordinary contributions of the people and missions of APG over the last 100 years, with a series of events ranging from Live Fire demonstrations to black-tie galas to World War 1 dances. This web site serves as the central portal for events and information about APG’s 100th Anniversary.

Working to Preserve the Rich Heritage of Aberdeen Proving Ground

The Aberdeen Proving Ground Centennial Celebration Association (ACCA), a 501c3 nonprofit, provides support to organizations on and around Aberdeen Proving Ground as they conduct events and programs celebrating the history of Aberdeen Proving Ground.

ACCA’s long-term goal is to create a permanent APG Technology, Heritage, and Education Center (APG THEC), which will fill the void created by the movement of the US Army Ordnance Museum to Ft. Lee, VA. For more information, visit the About Us page.