History Books & Articles

An abundance of historical narratives, videos, and articles exists chronicling the history of Aberdeen Proving Ground.  Below is a list of historical pieces available for download and viewing.

The Big Gun is a lengthy, fascinating read about the earliest days of Aberdeen Proving Ground. Published in 1919, The Big Gun chronicles the start-up and operation of APG’s test mission during World War 1. Download the pdf (37MB).

The APG History Book: Second Edition was published by the Research, Development & Engineering Command’s History office in 2012 and it includes a pictorial history of APG from its origins as farming and hunting grounds to its present day footprint. Download the pdf (18MB).

The History of Aberdeen Test Center, published in 2011, documents the origins of APG and the history of testing up through modern days. Download the pdf (29MB).

The Historical Tour of Edgewood, published for the 100th Anniversary, is a self-guided tour of the historic home to the nation’s chemical and biological warfare mission. Visitors can drive by the chemical production plant sites (many of the buildings have been torn down) and chemical biological defense research labs of today. Download the pdf (9MB).

Historic Building Inventory published by the National Park Service in 1982 is a pretty interesting read about the many historic sites and facilities at Aberdeen Proving Ground. It also includes a robust pre-APG history of the region. Download the pdf (5MB).

“The History of Chemical and Biological Warfare: An American Perspective,” a book chapter authored by APG Historian Jeffery Smart, was published in the late 1990s, and presents a comprehensive history of the U.S.’s offensive and defensive chemical and biological warfare missions, which was housed at the Edgewood Area of Aberdeen Proving Ground. Download the pdf (<1MB).